KUMAI RIVER 15.11-21

This photo was taken in Java sea going to Kalimantan. The kids rarely come up on the deck….

As I write down where/ what/ when in my good old Filofax, so I can keep a track on things, I now realise that last years diary was put into a envelope and shipped back to U.K……so now I have to jog my memory by following the trail of photos. Some dates might not be accurate…..

We started our journey up the river in the afternoon, at the highest tide possible. On the navionics it shows few shallow areas and I was stressing about it.

As it was it was absolutely no problem at all.

Had a very uneventful trip although we came in just after dark and had to keep a sharp eye on anchored up tankers with no light and local boats zooming about.

The following morning we woke up to the prayers, this time about 5 different mosques competing of the air space……

KUMAI town

Ovital map of us at anchor.

The current is fast. All kinds of stuff floats by, like this mini island.

Went ashore to take a walk and grab some local food. So delicious. The lady didn’t speak any English but we got what we wanted. We also admired her colourful clothing. Realised that in this part of the world the ladies all had very colourful hijabs.

And the cat…..

The town isn’t big, mainly one Main Street.

We had booked our orangutan river trip with Fardi Pardi on Orangutan houseboat tour. A 3 day/ 2 night trip that we were so looking forward to and finally they came and picked us up.

Very exciting.

They came along side our boat, they are called klotok and then a boat boy stayed on our boat to keep an eye on things. As the current is so strong you swing twice a day so make sure the anchor is well set.

Make yourself at home.

Finally on our way. This i Sekonyer river, off KUMAI river….

Pre covid use to have about 120 river boats coming and going. Can’t even think how awful that was although it employs locals. We met one other boat. It was blissful and quiet with the occasional noise or scream from animals.

A lot of these river boats ended up dumped but also as they are made of wood, to preserve them, sitting in the water…..

The new rules that the national park has introduced now is that everybody has to seek a pass to go there. That way they can control the amount of boats and people which I think is right.

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