Gili Trawangan island ( Lombok) and Bali Nov – 2021

The Gili island was only couple of hours motoring from Lombok. We went to Gili Trawangan which used to be the party place pre COVID. Picked up the last mooring ball, lucky as the tide runs massively between the islands.

Went for a swim and a little look around and it felt like being on holiday. Not too many people around, mainly locals so perfect for us.

We even splashed out and went for a dinner out…..

Following day the kids and I took a bike ride around the island. So sad to see the state of the many hotels. Total disrepair, empty and pools full of stagnant water…..

This place was open, nobody there…..

We only stayed for two nights as time was chasing us but did have another meal out….

Hopped over to Bali. I think everybody’s been there but us. Stayed one night in Amed and continued next day to Lovina on the northern side. Here we caught up with the swedes again. We wanted to buddy boat and do the orangutan trip together so we ended up being there two nights only……saw little of Bali anyway….

This beautiful waterfall had three different heights to jump from. First one was 5m, they all managed that. After this one it was only crazy Charlie who went for the 10m one followed by 15m…..he is the youngest who has ever jumped the 15m! Our guide was super impressed with him.

That’s the 10 meter one. Couldn’t get footage of the 15m….

Next was the coffee tasting place. What about it? Well this is a bit special, this coffee….called Kopi luwak.

This little furry animal called Asian palm civet eats coffee cherries and then poos them out. The poo is then collected, cleaned and sorted and tadaa, there’s your yummy coffee…..

This poor thing was in a cage and not very happy……didn’t agree with it…..
A temple

That’s all we could fit in that one day.

Following afternoon we headed towards Kalimantan or Borneo. Did a pit stop on a tiny island called Bawea. As we came in to anchor our visibility went to zero as it rained like no tomorrow. Not the best anchorage as quite rolly but ended up staying there for two night as Chris didn’t feel to good….a bit of the Bali belly we thought.

From Bawea it was only a day and night sail to Kalimantan. We came in late, it was getting dark and then wind picked up, of course. Minding my own business reading I happened to look up and saw this row of white balls bobbing in a row, sort of on the side of us….before I got my head around it one of the balls disappeared…..shit! A net. I squawked out a “ engine to neutral” and then we stopped dead in water…..holding our breaths…..we pinged loose! Cheesus, didn’t fancy being stuck in that in dark.

We anchored up for the night and calculating out when we could go up the Kumai river. On the charts it looked shallow in places so had to be high tide….

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