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Bio: A nomadic family with 3 children sailing around the world very slowly. We have now been live a-boards for nearly 10 years. Love doing crazy things while we home school the kids.

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  1. Hi from Morgan! We are on Nuku Hiva, flying home from here on the 23rd. I miss you guys! Send me a message.

    1. Hello there, nice to hear from you. We are in huahine in society island and there is lots of kid boats.
      Nice to be home? We all miss you…..
      Get into Facebook, pictures there

  2. Hi Chris,

    Greg Webber here. We were moored alongside this week in Bundy. You showed me your Swan. I sent a text to 0411 921 599. Just wanted to check you got the text. I sent the spine doctors details too. My number is 0422 985 737.


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