UK and Finland summer – 2022

It was time for Charlie, Alice and I to fly to UK. How exciting! I mean, we haven’t been an a plane for nearly three years. Last one was a flight to New Zealand back when covid just started, March 2020. James and Chris was flying later as of James’s school.

The flight went well although the mask was a bit of a pain.

I never grow bored of London skyline, I’ve seen it thousands of time when I was a cabin crew.

We stayed around Paula and Chris for the week before going to Finland. How I missed London. Last time we were there was four years ago. So the sightseeing began.

First Tower of London. Always exciting.

Next up was British museum. It was so busy and noisy that in the end of the day we were so done. Definitely not used to big city stuff…

Some poor soul drowned in a bog

I also took the kids to rock climbing. Shocking how expensive it is. In Thailand we can afford it, certainly not in Uk.

Time for our trip to Finland. Last time was four years ago. We were also turning up one day early so we could surprise grandma.

Flight to Helsinki and train up to Kokkola.

So green

My cousin and his wife picked us up from the train station. Grandmas face when she saw us in the car. I wish I would have filmed it but no. Her jaw dropped, it was so funny. Speechless, she just didn’t understand what she saw…it was so nice to see her again. Too long because of covid.

Sauna on and the fire, it was chilly.

The following few days went to get paperwork sorted for the kids to get their Finnish passport. So valuable to be back in EU. And ice cream even if we nearly died of the chilly wind.

We went to see many of our relatives, cousins and friends. Lots of cafes, lunches and fun.

Haven’t seen Sakke for at least 10 years.
What an evening with Eve, Matilda and my mum.
My junior school teacher with two of her children. Kept in contact since I was 12 years old.

Zip lining

Rock climbing
Our neighbours amazing pancakes

Finally James arrived.

My globetrotting amazing son.

Now we couldn’t all fit in in grandma’s house so borrowed a caravan. Loved it.

The beautiful midnight sun.

Before we even could fathom it, the time in Finland was coming to an end. Chris never made it as the tickets were so expensive it wasn’t worth it for a weekend.

So we and grandma took the train down to Helsinki to meet my cousin, auntie and godson.

A trip to the amusement park and the naughty burger place. Best burgers in the world.

I secured a house sit for us as we couldn’t stay around Paula’s for the next 5 weeks. Then our tenants needed a house sit as well….so kids and I went to Watford and chris and James stayed in our home in Chorleywood. More of that later.

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