Komodo – 2021

Labuan Bajo, another buzzing town. Very busy anchorage but luckily a few mooring balls. So we asked another yachtie about it and was told no worries, pick one up. They are good.

That was nice as Chris had to figure out our windlass. Lucky it seems fine, he thought it might have been battery issues. Good to hear as we had many more deep anchorages to go to.

Chris and I popped out quickly to get money and few supplies. After, we all went to this local hotel for a bit of relax……

Next morning we sailed to the famous Komodo island. Originally I wanted to go to Rinca island but it was still closed. A local chased us with his little boat to tell us that there was a mooring ball to take. All good, unfortunately it was behind a high hill so we lost internet signal. There was a shout from the kids within seconds telling us to move😂

We took a dinghy trip around the corner to the famous pink beach. Beautiful and the sand does have a hue of pink. The water was bloody freezing….but I managed to get in.

When we came back the local guy came over and sold us some wooden Komodo dragon sculptures. He could also get us food from the village so I asked for some eggs and tomatoes. And so it went that Charlie and Alice went with him…..fantastic. But looking back on our experience in Peru when I sent them on a horse ride on Almanti island in lake Titicaca and he came back with no kids……was this such a good idea?

They did come back!

Following morning we got up at 05.30 and met our guide. We took the mid range walk and soon enough we saw one scuttling about. Then nothing until we came back and passed some restaurants……and that’s where they all hang out. No need to pay the expensive ticket price but just go ashore and head for the food area…..

They are scary looking

Straight after we left and went to Darat island. Just couple of hours north and the water was so much warmer. We stayed for two nights and I didn’t want to leave.


On the move again. To the island of Sumbawa. We stopped there for one night as they are famous for their wooden boat building skills. Took a look around and sure enough, impressive.

Unfortunately the plastic is a serious problem….

Plenty of kids came around again so we gave them clothes and biscuits.

Off we went again, such a shame to have to rush like this. Could easily stay in Indonesia for a year but can’t do it all. Lucky enough to see something of the country .

Lombok was our next stop, Medana bay marina. The restaurant there was so cheap and that’s where we had our first taste of nasi and mie goring. One dish is noodles, the other rice with a fried egg although suddenly the boys found chicken cordon bleu….

Had a driver for a day to get few things sorted out and had time to pop into the Sheraton hotel in Serengeti. A nice 5 star hotel that was literally empty. A swim and a lunch cost us £7.50/pp and got a very nice nearly 2h massage for £10.50. Wow!

The marina gave us a lift to the local market on their mopeds. All good, great market until Alice spots the runty kitten, very ill and weak. James picks it up and the poor thing was hanging on to him. Now I’m having a panic as I know it’s all going to end in a disaster…..shopping was cut short, Alice and I crying and I had to drag Alice out. Took a horse and cart drive back but all our thoughts was on the poor kitten…..

Wonder what the driver thought….Charlie was the only one who could smile for a photo.

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