KUMAI and orangutans – nov – 2021

The river is home to many little villages. At our first stop we saw our first orangutan, who just walked past us and leading the way, we followed her. It was amazing…..just walking behind her….

She was leading the way to the feeding station. It was just beautiful to watch them. I felt a little nervous near them as they can get aggressive…..

Just so lovable

So many photos to choose from…..

The food on this boat trip was so good. Three full meals a day. A mix of Indonesian and western, perfect combination.

Deeper in we go…..this what it looked like on the navionics, it didn’t show the river anymore, just us in the middle of nowhere.

We also saw proboscis monkeys. Great noses….

The sleeping arrangements were great. In the evening the mattresses were put on the floor, the nets hanged up and it was super cozy…..kept all the bugs/ critters and things away….had few jumping/screaming/run around episodes😀

Finally we couldn’t get any further in, the river became to narrow so we turned around. Just like that…

And life slowed down…..

We were so pleased that we did this trip. One of the highlights in our 9 years of sailing. This blog input doesn’t justify how interesting, amazing and humbling this experience was.

Too soon we were back on our boat, prepping to leave again.


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