This and that in Sydney- 2020

January went past very quickly.

Took mum and Alice to The very famous Bondi beach where parking a car requires a small mortgage. Beautiful place with beautiful people and the sea ice cold.And all to soon it was time for mum/ mom I to go home… usual we all get a bit upset and the balance get thrown about a bit before things settle again.School back on, James started playing the magic card game every Thursday at the good game shop which was great for him. Mixing in an older age group away from annoying siblings was great. I got to sit around and either blog a bit or research for the upcoming New Zealand visa trip.

One weekend we went to see Tracey and family who we met in Fiji and what a night we had. Not to talk about the massive Aussie breakfast that was cooked next day….We also met Lily again who lives in Tasmania and who we met back in Fiji in September.And celebrated Charlie’s 10th birthday( mommi was still here )

We also went to two museums on one of the hottest day, at +45c.

First one was an old colonial house called Elizabeth bay.The second Rouse hill farm that was great as you could touch and sit aboutWe joined a library, what a treat. Had some wicked 50 knots storms going by and a free evening with dinner and drinks on a harbour cruise as James did his first babysitting. Went to cinemas, bbq with Mads and Alisha who we call our Magic friends and forever out at the local Tunks park. And plenty of WiFi and Netflix. All good.

We finally prepped the boat to to sleep as we were flying to New Zealand. At this point the ugly head of corona was showing up and we didn’t particularly want to go but had to.

All exiting to see New Zealand!

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