New Year Sydney 2020

Mum flew over from Finland and I have to admire her stamina for flying wherever we are. She is 70 years old and has followed us to Canada, Panama, Caribbean, Colombia, Peru and now Australia. Some of the journeys have been a nightmare with connections and tight schedules but she has never lost her humour. Thankful that she is willing to do it!

Slumming on a boat goes well if we are stationery as she doesn’t like sailing so all was good in Cammeray.Then the city, museum , sightseeing running started.

We went to almost every museum, of course the opera house and a walk on the bridge. The rocks where the first settlers lived and the old Susanna house, a row of detached cottages, a museum now that looked just like they do in England, of course….

Lucky we did all this at the time as everything got shut down when corona came….The maritime museum was cool as we got to go in to a submarine again….And then came Christmas….

Woke up to crazy goings with kids and presents….

I went upstairs and as I sat there I suddenly realised something wasn’t right….couldn’t see the dingy line….bloody hell….NO DINGY!

I just couldn’t believe it. Yes, stupid. Should have been locked but we were assured it’s such a safe place etc. Shouldn’t bloody listen to anybody. So, I cried. What a Christmas. Then we realised that James’s GoPro was gone and Alice piped up and said she heard footsteps on the deck in the night but thought it was Santa….( she won’t sleep with her hatch open anymore)

Chris and James took the canoe and went for a paddle. What if the knot on the line came untied? What if the dingy is at the end of Tunks park? What if there is a small chance…….

And yes, the dingy was found tied up at the pontoon….strange indeed….GoPro never to be found….

So our Christmas Day was ok anyway.

On Boxing Day there is the famous Sydney- Hobart race. Looks fantastic on tv…so we or Chris decided we are going to go and have a look, with the boat. I so didn’t want to. It’s a mess of boats and idiots. And guess what? I was right. It was so stressful. Thousands of boats everywhere churning the water up and in the midst of it you get these super crazy beings on canoes and paddle boards!!!Some obviously relaxed!

The New Year was another story with high winds and plenty of idiots.

We went to Taronga zoo anchorage the day before and got a perfect spot. Then we settled in to watch people who don’t know how to handle a boat, how to anchor or dragging the anchor time and time again.

We also knew there was a shift in the wind direction and high winds coming so we had 2 anchors out. And boy did it blew up. The anchorage became a chaos of dragging boats, waves and howling winds. The rescue services were busy indeed. I couldn’t relax nor have a drink until it finally calmed down about 11.30 pm and we could relax and watch the world famous firework display. Photos don’t do any justice.Happy New Year!

And the world was changing and nobody knew….

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