Fiji August 2019

Arrived in Fiji about 6 am. Another boat zoomed in next to us and for awhile we didn’t know who it was as AIS didn’t show up. Finally we got the signal and Calle ll was there.

Had an uneventful journey from Wallis although I was on high alert at all times for squalls or any other flying shit that could go wrong/ be wrong/ going wrong…

I think we all had had enough of sailing and really looking forward to stay a bit longer in a same spot. And I definitely had had enough of everything from weather watch to checking and worrying about anchor or high winds. I mean, what happened to our slow sailing? Even the kids were moaning that we NEVER sail this much or this many miles?

We came into Savusavu and waited to be checked in. Itchy foot was here as well so all excited to catch up.

Check in went smoothly as the man was in a rush to go to his brothers wedding so no questions asked about the quantity of alcohol onboard….phew!

Savusavu is very local area with not many tourist hanging about. Which makes it a cheap place for eating out and buying in markets.Charlie really embraced the culture in his sulu or lava lava as they were called in Samoa.We also did a bus trip to the north of the island to Lambasa but forgot my phone so no pictures.

Lambasa has a massive Indian culture so curries are cheap. It was a long day though….

Everybody everywhere are very nice and smiley.

A sleepover for the boys and a massage for me, other than that we had to get a move on to get to Musket cove where I would be staying for the duration when Chris and James went to U.K.

After a choppy sail to the southern island of Fiji we went through this amazing reef pass……The picture doesn’t do it any justice, the pass is called Namonimoni.

The anchorage we wanted to stay at that night turned out not to be too nice and we decided to carry on.

So out through another pass that we couldn’t properly see with the sun in our eyes and not knowing how accurate the navionocs were and marks missing, I was going nuts and holding my breath at that point…..we were through.

Off we went on this little passage that should only take 3-4 h but for us, we now had to slow down as much as possible otherwise we would get to the reef pass in the dark. It was bloody annoying, uncomfortable sail and boring as the wind was a frisky 25kn and we should have been flying. Anyway……

All went well, reef spotting all good and in we came to Musket around 4 pm and anchored in beautiful water. Now all we had to do was to secure a mooring.

The following morning James saw few boats leaving and out he went to see if any mooring was free and yes, we did it. Quickly we moved over and was so much nearer to the marina entrance.Happy days.

After Chris and James went we threw us in to all the festivitiesthat the Musket cove regatta brought us from pirates sailing day to best dinghy dress up. Alice with Sophia on S/Y Envy and with Stella in the kayak.

Met lots of other people who we have stayed in contact with both from Australia and New Zealand.

More or come……

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