Wallis August 2019

The sail to Wallis took 2 days. No big problems until we could see the Island and we saw the biggest darkest clouds and squalls chaising us. Last thing I needed as the entrance could be tricky and not to much fun if visibility is zero as you go through the channel.

We were also not to sure when the slack water was as we realised we didn’t even know what date it was, dateline? No dateline? Conflicting advice in different books.

You should have seen us ripping through books, any info, Filofax in a mass panic at the last bloody minute and came to the conclusion that it is what it is, going in before the monster squall gets us.

In we went, slowly and as it was so easy we thought we might have done a mistake somewhere but no, easy it was and the squall missed us. Felt pretty good….

Wallis belongs to France, not many anchorage for us to go to and as we were there minimum time we anchored in a muddy looking bay, not a lot there.

We got a lift in to “town” to check in at the police station by a teacher as there is no busses, taxis or Uber. There is nothing, no hotels, hostels or other touristy things. Very odd place….

We were there only 3 days and went around the corner to this beautiful island with the most amazing water for the day. So nice to swim, get coconuts and hang around.There she is, Moody Finn

We were suppose to stay for the night but the monster clouds were gathering and felt safer to go back to the muddy bay in case the wind was going to shift and we get tangled around the coral bombs again. Didn’t fancy that after Suwarrov.

The following morning James and I hitchhiked to the police station again to check out and my god the heavens opened on the way back. We got a lift wit a local family and the oldest teenager ended up sitting outside on the back of the truck in the pouring rain. We felt so sorry for him…..

The next trip from Wallis to Fiji took 3 days……

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