TAHITI part two

When we got back to Huahine we anchored. We also realised that us getting back to Tahiti for Chris’s flight was not going to happened. So we put a word around it see if anybody was leaving so we could pick up a buoy. Lucky we did get one. There is only 6.

Chris did dive down to check it and all was good. A super hurricane kinda buoy. That didn’t put my mind to rest anyway so as he left for San Fran for 4 days I just couldn’t relax.

The wind picked up and I had this tight knot inside me every night. The days were not bad but the nights were always hard. Stupid, I know but couldn’t help it.

Before the trip we celebrated Alice’s birthday. The lucky girl got a black pearl necklace that James designed, sarong and flower tiara….We saw a two day weather window on the day Chris came back.

So we quickly sorted the boat out and left that night for Tahiti. What a shit night and how long can a night be?

I tell you, bloody long.

We had squalls and squalls. The night was a misery with no sleep and waves from all corners. Lots of wind and no wind….

Finally in the morning we were back in Papeete. For two reasons. The weather was going to get bad and we had to stock up on wine….

Also we did go to the heiva festival but sadly we weren’t aloud to take photos.

We saw some beautiful dancing and costumes.

The kids had fun. Lots of new kid boats and also S/Y Polarwind who we met in Easter island and Gambier.

Here is few pictures from a parade we saw.We left for Moorea to go and swim with the stingrays…..And after one night we went back to Huahine. Stock up on last bits and use of good internet.

We also saw the local heiva festival. More on that in the next post.


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