TAHITI part three

The Huahine heiva festival was so much nicer than the Tahiti one. It was held in a local arena, benches on sand and local people competing each other from the different districts in Huahine.And luckily we got a lift back on back of a truck, to the kids great delight. Sitting in the back….It was time to get a move on. Next stop was Bora Bora. Heard some mixed reports about it but you can’t miss it either. World famous.

Anchoring was tricky, either too deep and no mooring balls or to crowded. We ended up in an area a not so pretty for the first night.

To then move over to Bloody Mary’s anchoring area which was much nicer.

Bloody Mary’s is famous for having had famous people there over the years. We went there for couple of drinks with Polarwind and the place is beautiful. We were treated very nicely.

We only spent three days there. The beaches are stunning, the town very down to earth and friendly, the famous people elusive in exclusive resorts…..Polarwind took some lovely pictures of us which will be posted on another post later, got to find them first…..

Time was up in Society Islands. I thought it was nice place, although it did have challenging weather, anchoring and sailing. Would I go back? No…..

As we moved on towards Cook Islands, Suwarrow and then to Samoa I realised how much nicer those places are. Particularly Samoa. I found my home there……

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