Tahiti May 2019

Our 5 day trip to Tahiti was uneventful. Mainly sunny, one night with big waves when we hand steered and we did landfall in the dark at Point Venus.

This bay is where Captain Cook came and anchored and built an observatory to follow Venus. Strange to think it’s only couple of hundred years ago….

Stayed in the bay for 2 nights, swimming and relaxing before we moved over to Marina Papeete. Got to fix things….

Lots of kid boats and the freedom for them to run around as they pleased.

Papeete is busy, lots of expensive black pearl shops, local markets and big cruise ships.Moody Finn in the marina and marina at night.

Went to parks and lots of scooting.Our time in Tahiti wasn’t long, we left the marina to go around the corner to refuel and anchored there for one night.

In the morning the wind had shifted, dark clouds on the horizon and we were too close to another boat. The current kept pushing us in a weird direction so we upped the anchor and went near the airport looking for a good spot. We found it only to be told you can’t anchor there….

So back to Papeete marina for one night.

I had enough. We heard that lots of kid boats were in Huahine, an over nighter so we decided to head there.

Great sail, arriving to be welcomed by 9 kid boats. Heaven!sundowners S/yS/y Calle 2, a danish boat organised a fun day for the kids. So lots of play time and fun beach time.

After a week or so most of them left to go to Cook island and we left to go to Raiatea, a short hop of 4 h but it wasn’t pleasant. Wobblyin about a lot.

We anchored in a deep valley with a river in the end,very peaceful.Stayed for one night and then moved to the next anchorage, Taputapuatea. The most sacred site in Polynesia. It’s a UNESCO heritage site, and the people came from far to gather together, to worship and dance. Human sacrifices also happened here….The beachOur boatAfter one night again we went back to Huahine as Chris had to fly to San Francisco to pick up a part and we needed to have us safely on a buoy .

Had a horrible trip back, with squalls up to 35 knots and we were tight to the wind…nothing like a bit of chocolate doesn’t fix….

I also started to realise that this Pacific sailing was hard work, nothing like I had imagined..

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