My husband nearly lost his toe two weeks ago….

He has been working on some steel bits to put down the hell hole for the generator and as he does wear his health and safety flip flops what can one expect?

The next thing the metal piece, around 10 kilos falls off the vice and on his foot. Lucky only one toe affected.

I got called over on the Saturday afternoon and knew something was badly wrong as he was sitting down with people around him….well, the toe was a mess. Hanging off and bloody, sliced right through it sideways with the nail hanging off…yak!

Off to the hospital, leaving behind the kids in care of another cruiser, hoping that we will be home later.

In the hospital we waited for a little while until somebody took a good look at it and said, we will stitch it… goes the numbing injection where Chris actually howled and 5 stitches get done. I didn’t think it was enough but what do I know.

I had this panic feeling that I got to get home, the journey takes nearly on hour and it was by then 8 pm. Waited again and got given a choice of going home….yes please…..

Back to the Marina by 10 pm and I ran quickly to the other boat to get the kids. Everything was fine, she was just wondering wether to bed the kids down on her boat or wait a little longer….

So started our couple of weeks of how many different tablets and painkillers a day, no alcohol( that lasted a day) and soaking this bloody toe. Out went the plan to go back to San blas as he can’t put any weight on it for a month and to save money for the main sail.
Started school again after 3 weeks of summer holidays as we better save the days when we actually will be going somewhere and doing something and here we are stuck in the Marina ……

Could have been worse, I suppose. Could have lost more toes a foot and could be stuck in a worse place….

The bloody looks worse than it actually is....took a stitch out today, few more tomorrow.
The bloody toe….it looks worse than it actually is….took a stitch out today, few more tomorrow.

So the boredom sets in. As soon we can’t go as we please the boredom kicks in. Trapped, jailed and nailed. That what it feels like….

Didn’t feel we had enough rest from school and after a while the pool gets boring….nothing to do I hear all the time and nowhere To go……yes, yes…..well we just have to put up with it.

More people coming and going, some going through the canal but some actually had enough or can’t do it, so give up, boat for a sale and home they go. Very sad to see that as well….

So all in all, the generator is in, in its rightful place. Cleaning the boat from front to back, up and down as it got very messy. Piling the drugs into hubby, willing this bloody toe to heal and keeping focused on what the plan will be.

Took a climb up the mast as Chris can't do it. I'm not a great fan of heights so mumbled under my breath of all kinds of curses and don't look down, sideways and loose your cool.
Took a climb up the mast as Chris can’t do it. I’m not a great fan of heights so mumbled under my breath of all kinds of curses and don’t look down, sideways and loose your cool.
A monster found his way onboard.....
A monster found his way onboard…..

The next thing that went wrong was Alice taking a tumble at the pool and ripped open her chin. A ragged cut, blood oozing out but luckily not to bad.

All patched up
All patched up

We also got an invitation for dinner around Miguel’s boat. He is Italian but lives in Peru.


Peruvian red wine tasting
Peruvian red wine tasting

Thanks to this lovely man we changed our sailing plan to include Peru so we can meet again. He gave us this beautiful Peruvian red wine and huancaina sauce made with yellow Peruvian peppers and was outstanding with pasta. Must get more of that!

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