Seeing people leave every day through the canal and go through to Pacific have us even more determined to get going. We have been plodding along here in Panama and Colombia now for two years and now, right now the feeling has arrived that we feel ready to go as well.

This year we have bought a new dinghy that nearly got stolen in portobello, thankfully it was chained. We got our new generator and the new head sail is coming in September. New main sail will be purchased in couple of months. The bottom is being painted again and generally just tidying the boat up. There is still lots more to do like get the life raft and fire extinguishers checked but at least there is a plan.

We did our little Panama Canal trip by buss on our way into Colon. The bus drives next to the big locks and they are rather amazing.

Also what happened on that day as we drove into Colon was a tornado hit the shopping mall and ripped roofs up as it went by…..


Then Chris was asked to be as an Line handler, lucky him so here are few more amazing pics…

Another kid boat leaving today followed by the last one on Friday so the mood as you can guess will not be brilliant….
Always so nice to meet people, always so hard to say goodbye!


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