I am pleased to tell that Chris’s toe has healed. It’s not the prettiest toe on earth but it’s there and it’s good.

Life muddles on here, the weeks seems to morph into same, school, pool and wifi.
I did get to do a Canal transit as a line handler though. An a small racing boat with four guys. It was very interesting and a doddle to do.

We went out to anchor to wait for the pilot to come onboard. They said it will be 3 pm. Didn’t turn up until 8 pm. So we did the locks in dark rafted up to another boat. All went smoothly and nobody made any silly mistakes….

We tied up to a buoy in Gatun lake around midnight , had few drinks and then I went to bed. The rest of them stayed awake…..

Next day was so hot. Motoring on the lake to get to the other set of locks was a bit boring, to be honest. At the locks the heavens opened so soaked in few minutes. Last lock and there was the Pacific. Dreary grey and windy….

I was dropped off to take a taxi back to Colon which they paid for and it was nice to be back. Shattered.

During our weeks here, kid boats come and go. Alice got sick for few days with high temperature. We done BBQ , open mic nights, pool, school and walks.

We found this lovely beach where we swam and explored, feeling salt water on our bodies, and that felt good.

There is a lot of derelict houses here as shelter bay used to be an army base called Sherman. There is a church, tennis courts, roads and barracks. All in different state of disrepair or gutted out of everything of value.

The next day we took a longer walk to another beach and on that journey we saw lots of monkeys. Of course I didn’t have a camera with me….

We also had a super posh boat that came in to the Marina for few days. She is called VAVA and owned by a Swiss billionaire and his wife who is the richest woman in Uk. The crew were very nice, around 20 of them although when busy they have 34! Well, a pool full of young males was nice to the eyes but super fun for the kids. They had the energy to horse around with them. We even got onboard the yacht but not inside. Anyway, we got a taste how the truly super rich live…


Then it was time for James and Chris to pop over to London for few weeks, we stayed as really saving money for the mainsail and every penny counts.

The time flew by, busy doing school, pool and play. My evenings was spent watching movies on the boat, of my choice and reading up on Ecuador……

For couple of days it blew around 30 knots, was a bit worried about the sun cover but all well.

Charlie had to step up on responsibilities as James not here and his Spanish improved a lot as he was playing with Diego and Zak.

Everybody back onboard and the jobs continue. A never ending list of things that has to be sorted if we ever want to leave….

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