In the end we sat in Puerto Linton for nearly five weeks. Had some good and bad days.
The good days are when school goes smoothly, it’s sunny and we go to the beach. The bad moments are when you drag or think you drag in a tight anchorage and of course hubby is not there at that moment…..

The highlight was going to Panama City for the weekend to celebrate Alice’s birthday. Boat into Marina and an early bus to city.
Alice always gets bus sick and on the journey to Colon she puked three times. Lucky we are pro at this and this is where dog poo bags are handy… leakage and when bag closed, no smell!

First stop, allbrook mall. The biggest in South America. I hate the place. To big, to busy and I just get cranky being there but kids needed new shoes and swim gear. And sunglasses for me. Nothing flashy just good ones for reef spotting.
Got it all sorted and so happy to get to the hotel with pool and wait for it……..a sauna. Yes, a sauna. Guess where we went first?

As it was cloudy and the pool was freezing the sauna was a bliss. Loitered in it for a long time. Charlie became so Finnish he wanted to be there on his own, really enjoying it.
Out for a pizza around the corner, our favourite place and then back and everybody just dived into gadgets. Updating, downloading and gaming. We just loved watching news and any old rubbish. It’s a tv!!!

Allbrook mall
Allbrook mall

The best thing next day was beside the pool and sauna was cinema. Went to see Wonder Woman and what a brilliant movie. Even Alice got into it. While we were waiting to see it they had these fun spinning chairs. The boys went mad on them…..

I'm spinning around!
I’m spinning around!

On Monday was Alice’s birthday. Presents, out for a wander, parks and posh evening meal in hotel restaurant.

The time in the city came far too soon to an end……
Time to go back, with shopping and prepare the moana cake for a party.

The first stupid sponge cake went overboard. You see, baking on the boat is not easy. The oven kind of does it’s own things or doesn’t….

Slightly panicky I did the next one and luckily that turned out good. Chris had the job to decorate it as he is the one with the artistic eye. And it looked fab.

This time Alice had couple of friends over , Chloe and Eva. Fun!

Make a wish!
Make a wish!
Panama kids
Panama kids
Weirdo stuff.....
Weirdo stuff…..
Birthday girl!
Birthday girl!
Back in anchor and look who came to see us.
Back in anchor and look who came to see us.

So now we are back in portobello on the move to Colon in the next few days, to go to shelter bay Marina. Another haul out on the cards to get the bottom painted properly. This place will have a pool so should not be so painful ……


  1. So lovely to hear what you’re up to. Alice I can’t believe how grown up you are. Such a beautiful girl, and your hair, how I would love your hair. Keep living the dream and pushing forward with your adventure. George is 17 today so driving lessons for his birthday. Xxx

    1. Wow, my has he grown up! How was you summer? Getting my head around this blog, not always knowing if people comment….thanks for reading. Cusco tomorrow….

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