After mum and auntie left we slogged it back to Nargana to stock up, again. Not very successful trip as couldn’t get bread, fruit or nice vegetables. Stayed for a night and left next morning to go and check out an island we have never been to before.
Tiny island we called ” no name” island or later it became ” our island”. Small, uninhabited with the perfect beach and water and best of all? Nobody there at all. We were the only boat and oh boy what a feeling. In San blas you are rarely on your own….

After few attempt of anchoring we sat just great and watched the sun go down.

Next day it was exploring day. Walked around the small island very sad to see the usual plastic rubbish which we kept picking up as the days went by. Built a big bonfire and that kept the kids happy for hours. No health and safety to control it.
The boys had their bow and arrows and slingshots to keep them occupied while Alice was more interested in picking shells and wallowing in the clear water with me. Happy days…..

The snorkelling was the best I have seen so far and finally Alice learnt it as well. She was like a mermaid, didn’t want to stop
The days passed in the same relaxing manner, only one chokosana, high winds around 40 knots and over in 20 minutes. The boat swung around in seconds and the back was towards the island. So engine on just in case we would drag but what we didn’t know at the time was that we were going nowhere as the anchor chain was well and truly wrapped around coralheads, nice and tight.

The Island
The Island
The water is stunning.
The water is stunning.
Beach babe!
Beach babe!
One of the beautiful sun sets.
One of the beautiful sun sets.
A kuna shelter we made a bit better......
A kuna shelter we made a bit better……

As with all the time was to move on. Back to east lemmons cays so anchor up……well, it took few forward, backward, sideways dancing manoeuvres before it finally let go…..I had a vision that we might be stuck there like forever……but it let us go.

Lemmon cays felt crowded with 20 ish boats but it was also nice to do some people watching again. And waiting to get a bit of wind to go back to Linton. Spent days schooling and swimming.
The journey to Linton was motored and when we came to the anchorage we were in for a little surprise ……the bay has sprouted with anchoring buoys everywhere which make anchoring very difficult. But we found the spot, out of swell.

We have now been here over 3 weeks and had to reanchor twice as boat on moorings come to close. People don’t seem to care that the buyo was empty, we anchored near it and so to speak have right of way….nope, they just pick it up and expect us to move….sad indeed…..

Our little friend.
Our little friend.

The best part is that after all the hassle with the passports they are finally being done. We started the process back in January in Cartagena and had to deal with incompetent idiots and retards. Who have no concept of a different life some people actually live and things are not black and white but has a multicoloured shade in it. Anyway, hopefully they will be here in the next couple of weeks.

The new generator has been ordered as well as a new headsail on order. More ropes and stuff to try to get the boat look a bit better as we have really not spent much money on her for the last 4 years…

Checking out marinas and haul outs in Ecuador to see if we can do our South American travel from there while boat stays put or better still to hang around here…….we will see….

Are these my children?
Are these my children?

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  1. You lucky things, you found paradise together. What unbelievable memories you are making. I envy you. Take care of each other xxx

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