san Augustine- America Christmas 2015


Our flight from panama to Miami went very well, little did we know what a hassel we would have with the car rental. We were passed from one car rental to another until we finally found out that we had booked with Alamo. We were told somebody else but that was just the start….
As it was payed for with my card they had me as a main driver but we had booked a second driver. No? Just one driver. Ok we want second driver. Can’t do it or we can but they were asking stupid money. Ok, change the main driver to Chris. Can’t do it. Honestly, 4 hours later we gave up. Got the car, upgraded as we moaned about it and off we went into Miami rush hour traffic me in the driving seat. What a lovely feeling, driving after such a long time. As it was late we drove for a couple hours and had a night in a hotel.
Next day we arrived in San Augustine which was to be our home for the next 10 weeks. So exiting. We had rented a 2 bed apartment on the beach on Anastasia Island, tv in each room and a heated pool. As the date was 16.12 and Christmas near with no presents yet we thought that doing the shop online would be the thing to do….oh no, that went wrong as well. Amazon lost our shopping, don’t ask how and the other few things we wanted couldn’t be delivered in time….so Chris had to do few trips to shops over the next few days but of course the selection was poor.
Anyway, Chris started his flying lessons and Christmas came with presents and the full English roast dinner. Champagne and pool, hot and relaxing, perfect.
We joined the library as well before Christmas and we met this lovely woman called Madeline, that whole thing was the next thing that ended in disaster…
Got talking to her and her daughter, little Aria at the library and I mentioned that the rent was so expensive…no problem, she said. I can rent my other half of the house out at a very cheap price, just around the corner, come and have a look. Ok, why not. So off we went and the house was perfect, a bit messy but she said it will be all ok for January. Well why not. Aria played with Alice, trampoline and tree house. So child friendly, local area, other kids, perfect! Or so we thought, didn’t know she was bonkers! So we moved in there on New Years Eve and had a fantastic new year with her and Aria at the beach. Great firework display that went on for 30min. music and dance.
All settled, Chris back flying, school started and I don’t know where it all went wrong. Anything I said she took it the wrong way around, never mind, let’s ignore that. Charlie’s birthday was coming up so ordering the cake, buying more presents and told Madeline to invite few people around. It turned out to be a great party, another 6-7 kids, all got on very well, music, games and in the evening the glow sticks. So simple and perfect. Very happy for Charlie.
So the next few days it got worse, Chris said she must be bipolar and googled it in and she fit the bill. She was scary, never knew which way the conversation would go, I started to worry about opening my mouth which takes a lot as I talk for the world but this was not worth it. I tried to keep calm, not get drawn in to another argument but when she called Alice bratty that was it for me. We drove to the flight school that evening, me crying the whole way, kids upset and said to Chris that we got to get out. That night she unplugged the wifi.
Following morning we went out to all rental places but had no much luck. Eventually from one number to another we got hold of Ann, our angel who had a place until end of January. Great, we’ll take it. Closer to down town on Vilano beach. So went back and mad Madeline had now locked the door. Jeez, what now? Lucky she is stupid enough to leave the back door unlocked. Went in and she came flying down the stairs and told us to get out. She had taken the boys bed away from upstairs and cleared our stuff from the bathroom. We had payed the months rent, no hope to get that back. Chris went to the police station only to find out she had been there already….they did the crazy sign, all they could do. So we packed everything within the hour, everything in the car and left. Great feeling being out but sad that we didn’t have chance to say goodbye to Aria and Alice was upset. Madelines mother lived there as well and she never came out from her bedroom because she was scared, very sad. Lovely lady. As I went upstairs to tell her we are leaving I cried. Scared for her…shame it ended like that as it could have been just a hoot, I still can’t badmouth her to much as when she was nice she was super company. Who know, sick or just plain mad, we will never know!

So we arrived to Vilano beach into a 2 bed house, upstairs for the boys, tv in every room and a very nice area. And so the next chapter of our life started. Much more settled.

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