Portobello, black Christ festival- October 2015

So off we sailed to portobello again a day before James birthday. Met up with a lovely couple called Margie and Peter, Peter being like Peter Pan. Totally amazing with kids! Oh the stories and things he comes up with. Love them dearly.
So the black Christ festival is about everybody coming to portobello to ask for forgiveness of the black Christ. There is a legend to it, check it out but basically people, mostly criminals walk and crawl from far to show remorse for their sins. Knees are bloody, as they are crawling, somebody might drip hot candle wax on the person as they crawl to really make it painful, some cry, pray and some really do some good shows of all of it….some is genuine, some fake but it’s all a bit of a carnival feeling to it. The colour is purple so we made an effort to wear that. It was busy and interesting and glad we made the effort. Learnt a lot of history, legend and had fun as well.
This day is the same day as James birthday, bless him, so it was also all about cake, presents and fun.
Back to Linton and then our last trip of the season to San blas.
Back to all the usual places but the wind was changing direction again ready for the dry season to start and hurricane season officially over. So our usually nice, calm spots was now open to waives and with the last heavy down pours of rain a lot of rubbish was washed to shore, yak!
Sat at Green island and didn’t leave the boat for 5 days as so rough, rainy and cold. Yes, I’m a wimp! A slightest feel of chill and I wrap up and moan…..
Had other few boats around us so nice to have company in case things got difficult which it did on the 5th day as we woke up and we realised that we were dragging. Duh! After 5 days, can’t be but yes. So re anchor and re anchor again. Another boat dragged as well and ended up on the reef wich was awful to watch but nothing we could do at that moment as the rain came down side ways and the wind blew 45 knt. Lucky all over in a short time and then Chris to the rescue with a dinghy half full of water.
Another boat came in and ended up on the reef 3 times trying to anchor so it wasn’t an easy time.
But we had some good company, dinner parties and a laugh.
So it was time to say goodbye to San blas and head back yet again to Linton and lucky we did….
As we were there in anchor and I will never forget that day. The day is called Black Friday as in America you can buy everything but not pay tax on it. It’s also my mums birthday. We also found out that the loan we wanted didn’t go through, the generator packed up again AND the main engine died…..I mean WHAT??? I just cried, and cried. Looked like a frog. So disappointed that our America trip was not happening, can’t charge, can’t go anywhere, how much is it all going to cost etc….
We were pushed into the marina by couple of dinghys to plug into a borrowed generator and started to check out how bad everything was, bloody swans!
As it was, the engine wasn’t to bad, just the water pump but the generator was a bit more. Oh well, we decided to go to states anyway after we counted, re checked the finances and decided we can do it. So booked tickets, Christmas in America and all happy days, for a moment. Moody Finn was put to sleep yet again and off we went.
And what an adventure we have had here. Totally loved being in a house, drive a car, music, Internet and so many choices in food shopping. The use of library, cinema trips and museums but more of that later….

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