America 2016


So we carried on with nice things like cinemas, ice creams, museums and playing in the icy water of the Atlantic. Went to a gun show, used the library a lot and played around in different parks. All while I also carried on schooling the kids on my own while Chris carried on with the flying.
Then we made plans for half term and good friends of our, Kathy and Chris with Toby, James best friend would come over and see us. It would be a surprise for our kids. But before that we moved house once more. Only around the corner with plenty of beds and bigger garden.
Oh, the joy when there was a knock on the door one afternoon and outside was a big cardboard box….and out popped Toby. They couldn’t believe it! It was screaming and jumping, repeating his name over and over again….fantastic! And off they disappeared in the garden.

Had great couple of days with them, Chris took the boys to space center while we girls went shopping. Perfect.
Of course the time came and they had to leave…..the sorrow and tears, for all of us…only to then also find out that a very good friend of ours had died in Uk….and we couldn’t afford to go to the funeral.

Chris passed his flying test, whoop whoop and that’s when we went out to celebrate. The only time we did go out…and now he was a commercial pilot, how amazing…
Our stay in St. Augustine was coming to a end, went to alligator farm, met up with a friend and her kids for the last time, the cleaning and packing started. We ended up with 9 bags in the car plus 3 body boards and kids squeezed on top of it all. Good byes were said to Ann, the rental lady next door who became a good friend to us and our drive to Miami started.

Our journey to Panama went well and we came back to a very tidy and clean boat. Alice friend Chloe and her parents came over to welcome us back and it was nice to feel the heat and humidity of Panama again. Unpacking 9 bags was a nightmare and the boys horrendously big neuff guns took up so much space in the boat.
Then it was back to reality, to fix the bloody generator, school and anything else that was playing up. Chloe was over a lot to play and we also met THE Eric Bauhaus who writes sailing books and who’s book about San Blas sailing you wouldn’t be without! A very nice guy and his daughter came over and played as well.
More shopping, few beach days, more kids around which was great and they all played around on our or Roberto’s boat. Chris carried on slaving over the beast that wouldn’t start and when it did decide to start it didn’t give out electricity, aaarrrggghhhh!

Anyway, all done finally and it was time to take the scary leap from marina and get back to anchor…
to trust the anchor, to feel the boat again…lovely.x

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