Nargana, San blas

As we came closer to Nargana our chart plotter went black. Died. Caputt. Finito. And we were in the middle of a little tricky navigation with reefs all around us. Don’t take me wrong, we don’t relay just on charts, oh no, it’s eyes and I was getting quite confident with it but it’s a good way to know which direction you are going….so holy mo, help! We slowed down as much as we could keeping eyes on the reefs and yet again I was praying that Chris could fix it….after a while which obviously felt like eternity we resign to the fact that the bloody plotter lost the plot! So down to basic navigation, Chris shouting from down below which course to steer and me tung in cheek keeping it right so and checking the reefs. It all went fine, of course and in we motored and anchored. We read about the crocodiles that swims around the area so no swimming of the boat, not that you would have wanted to. The place was filthy. Dirty water with who knows what floating in it, food scraps, turds, nappies and more nappies….yak!
Took a stroll in to village, bought few bits and the kids got ice cream. Tried to catch up with Internet but to slow, so went back to boat to get ready to move on to green island the next day.

As we set off next day we realised that we are heading to the most crowded anchorage. I could count at least 20 boats in a small space with reef around in a horseshoe shape. With a lump in my throat I directed us in and we tried to anchor back of the pack. It was difficult, it took 3 times and finally one of the boats said go further ahead, there is space. Great, and there was. Dropped the anchor beautifully and finally I could breath. We also realised in the boat next to us was Jessica who we met in Santa Marta and they all swam over to say hello, and then the red wine started to flow…..

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