San blas


The next island we got to was Ustupu. Caught 2 kingfish on the way and when we got there we bought lobster for $5 a piece, big ones! I think I will like this lifestyle as we couldn’t afford lobster in UK.
Ustupu had wide “roads” , nice huts with gardens and lots of children followed us. The bakery was so cheap as well.there was quite a few albinos who the Kunas treasure and belivie they are a special gift. And that’s good as when people are different they tend to be pushed out, in any society so good for them. Stayed only few days and carried on to Achutupu. Again a similar village, bought a mola and bread.
Sailed on to islands like Ailigandi, Mono island and on to snug harbour. Very deep anchoring but the first really paradise island look with the white beach and clear water. Oh yes, we have arrived to the paradise! Spent few days here swimming, larding it and just loving it. Alice learnt to swim, bought more lobster and did the mundane jobs like washing clothes and doing school. Yes school….shame we ended with so little time here as we had to press on as rainy season coming and reef navigation gets really tricky as you don’t see anything. The mud washes down from the mountains and makes the water red colour and muddy. Before we left we got very friendly with a kuna man called Arkin. He usually came over in his ulu at the sun downer time and as he only spoke Spanish or kuna we really had to get on with Spanish. It’s amazing how much you learn when you have to. And off we carried on to Nargana, a big town compared to the rest….

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