San blas

The green island is beautiful. Nobody lives there so it’s got a Robinson Crusoe feeling to it. You can walk around it, it also have a nice shallow sandy area on one side of it which is perfect to wallow in, the water is clear and warm. You see lots of starfish, Rays and hermit crabs. On the island there is also a makeshift kuna shelter which gets use by the Kunas on their travel between the islands. They are amazing sailors and go far in they ulus or canoes. Spent our days swimming, exploring, catching fish and watching the sun go down. It was calm and beautiful and ended up being our favourite island of them all.
But as always, time to move to the next place. Coco bandero cays. Only on hour away. Only one boat there. Excellent….well we should have wondered why there was no more boats. It was awfully rolly. We rolled and rolled and not nice but we manage. Off to explore another sandy island.
Next day we woke up to dark skies and loud thunder so stayed onboard. Little did we know that when rainy season starts its nothing but thunder and lightning and lightning always attracts to tall object… masts. More of that later. (This is now mid May-2015) that very night hell broke loose. The Lightning was something I have never seen before. It is black as black can be as no light pollution and then light as in day time for seconds on end. And the thunder….we were in the middle of it. The wind picks up, the boat shifts, you know the boat have change its position and hope and pray that the anchor is well in. Needless to say I didn’t sleep but dear husband snored his head off. To scared to even sit outside and watch it as it was like straight from a horror movie, you know, black one second and light next and then you see something scarrryyyy……oooooh! So I just hunkered down and you guessed it, prayed again……
In the morning it continued to rain so it was school and movies. We were a little to close to land as we changed direction with the wind so I couldn’t relax at all. I decided that we leave as soon as we can before I have nervous break down due to lack of sleep and also decided that I don’t like these set of islands, to rolly. So next day we went back to Nargana to stock up and on the same whim back to our dear Green island where there was only 4 boats! Yes, 4. Comes to May the official cruising season is finished and rainy season starts. So you only get the long term live on boards around. Excellent, perfect, I think I like this season…..

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  1. Read this aloud to the children. Loved it, what adventures. You are really living life. Utterly amazing! Love you all. Tamla x

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