Getting it all wrong


Now I wrote yesterday and obviously didn’t Save or post it! How stupid!

So got to catch up.

In bvis at bitter end resort and its a great place.Open for yachties so have been spending my last 3 days here playing as hubby is fixing the generator. Oh yes,things are still breaking! After our journey back to Grenada autohelm broke.After fixing that we went to Trinidad to get new tubes for water maker which was breaking up tube after tube….after a beautiful sail we stocked up on food,left kids with a stranger again and heard about the pirate attack on a boat anchored not far from us! Oh lala.didn’t think they ventured out of Venezuelan waters.
So we left for the night sail back to Grenada and new it might be slightly rough. Oh boy did it get rough!!! The waves and the wind was just stupid.You could hear the waive before it slammed into us from the side and it blew nearly 60 knots. Not what they forecasted! So we blew the mainsail and that’s when I started my mantra of praying that Chris can fix it, get it down and get the smaller sail up. And please don’t wake up Alice.

We limped into port and then discovered that generator has packed up as well.So typical. By this time Chris was ready to go home. So in we order more parts, more money and got sail repaired and off we went to Martinique. Finally leaving Grenada.
As you all have discovered our plans has changed. We nor the boat is ready to go through Panama so we are cruising another season here. Good move I think and we have got so much more to see in Caribbean before the pacific….a little update,will write more tomorrow, Charlie MUST play on the iPad!


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