Fun in the sun


So we finally got away from Carriacou as the weather settled down again. As Chris went to check out we prepared the boat.I am getting familiar with her now.Chris came back and said that was expensive…..why? Well check out not bad but we haven’t paid cruising fees here since last October AND me and kids overstayed our visa….ooopppsss! So £200 later and a threat that I could go to jail for this and Chris had the cheek to humor the guy with a “yes please,take her off my back” we left.James obviously a bit upset leaving Zelda behind but we had a lovely sail up to Bequia.

The only reason this time to stop there was to buy lures for fishing but they had they independence day and everything was shut so we left for St.vincent and Cumberland bay.As most people know it’s my favourite place and we have met and made lots of local friends there over the years…Ratty, Rasta joseph, Billy, Brother and dandiman….but dandiman died few years ago, drowned drunk on his surfboard. But I still remember him, a very happy person…anyway great to be back and Rasta joseph was there to greet us. Shame we had only one night there as we had to get to St.Lucia to meet our friends so few beers and early wake up next morning.

The journey between Vincent and St. Lucia can be rough….so usual sickpill for James, coolbox in cockpit for goodies and off we went.Needless to say, of course it was rough, big waives, Charlie sick and a bloody long day. Good to know thou is that the boat felt fine.I am a worrier so it was nice to have seen her sailing in these conditions as I’m sure there will be worse ones to come….

We didn’t tell the boys who we were meeting….James best friend from Chorleywood, Toby .We said we are meeting daddys old schoolfriend Morgan. Funnily enough we then found out that they were staying at jame’s hotel in morgan bay…spooky!!!

So off we went with a taxi and when we pulled up and saw Chris, Tobys dad I could see James’s face…he couldn’t puzzle it all together…great fun! And from the bushes out jumped Toby and Kathy:)))

We had a fab time with them at the pool that day and decided to do the volcano trip next day.

We hired a taxi for the day and went to the zippwire place in the rainforest.We would take the lift,journey should last about an hour but they asked for stupid money…about £180 for our family.Blah,no way.I had Alice ready in a sling on my back, she was a sleep so back in the taxi.I left her in the sling and as we drove off she decided to puke….all down my back of course. Loooveellyyy!!! And then James got carsick so he decided to puke as well.Lucky he’s a pro so bag and job done.

Finally we came to Pitons,the volcanos and saw the steam and mud bubbling out.Interesting to see,awfully bad smell.We also went for the hot bath and got covered in the mud/clay from the volcano that you would spend a fortune for in UK.The water was hot and I wasn’t sure about Alice but she loved it.Into it again and again.She is amazing!

On the way back we stopped at one of the waterfalls and I sat in the car waiting as Alice was asleep..Chris came over with a woman and said: Do you reconice her??? Nooo…well it was Pearls mum.Pearl is a nanny and mother from St.Lucia but now living in Chorleywood. How amazing!!! Great chat and a beer and we also called Pearl in Uk.

On the sunday we took them for a sail down to Marigo bay.Lovely place but ended up having an argument with one of the locals who has put his own mooring buyos on the best anchoring places and of course he didn’t like the fact that we wanted to anchor.Hey ho we did anchor and he became Mr motormouth. We couldn’t stop laughing as we didn’t get a chance to say anything but he went off with a hump….shame.But we had a nice swim and a fresh tuna sandwich.

So came Monday and time to part….very sad and I cried. Toby was upset as well but hopefully we meet again at the next halfterm in February…wereturned to the boat and headed for the pitons anchorage for one night only.

more later as madam is awake:)


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