Found the lost post:)


So I’m trying to catch up with all the news….sitting at the beach in bvis in Virgin gorda at Bitter end resort.lovely place!

So we worked our way back down to Grenada saying good buy to people on the way.Cumberland bay was difficult as there is rasta Joseph etc.But we did catch up with of the original boat boys/helpers we met back in 2006.He looked after mum for the day when we climbed the volcano.lovely person and lovely smile even if he got himself in trouble and jail for 7 years!

Back in Grenada and prepared for our sail to Tinidad.the autohelm broke and the second water maker tube started leaking.So bloody typical.Never ending. Anyway it was a beautiful night sail and we hang around trini for 5 days.Got water maker tubes done,did some sightseeing,left kids with a stranger again and heard about the boat that pirates attacked off Trinidad! Worrying as they don’t attack there….they took everything off the boat but lives were saved:)

The journey back was like the worst nightmare.We knew it might be a bit rough but nothing what we went through.Big seas and far to much wind so end result was a blown mainsail.awful moment as it ripped in the middle of the night and Chris is struggling at the front to get it down and get the smaller sail up.Needless to say I prayed at the wheel as you do while the waves were raging around us. So there we limped back to Grenada again and the whole thing was so depressing as the generator decided to pack up as well. So more phone calls, more money and new part ordered to be shipped to St.Martin.Sail in for repair but as said will need a new one:( lots of money!!!

Will write more hopefully tomorrow as resort good with yachties and Internet good:)


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