phone down the toilet


There.I just wrote it. The phone fell in the loo…..dah! Blonde in action again. So what do I do with the poxy phone in the toilet in the first place??? Well, the last thing at night I check the boys and use the phone as an torch. So boys well. To then check the toilet as they are manually operated. Have to pump this stick up and down, flush  wee out , switch a button and draw seawater in to flush it clean. It’s to heavy for the boys so I have to do it. So I shine the light in to the loo and then I don’t know what happened….phone fell, I picked it up in 2s flat (toilet was clean!!!) and stood there having an attack of everything…heart, brain, muscle, diarreha and what else attack there still is. Just cursing…well as it goes after everything we tried to rescue it, it’s officially dead! Lost all my numbers so please email or FB your numbers to me please. Lucky all the photos are backed up:)


On the happier note the carnival was a great success. Went into town on the last day and saw pretty costumes and some bold dancing. Even Charlie and James got an eyeful of everything wiggling in front of them… as well as facepainting and few beers:)))Posted a carnival video on FB.Funny!!! Have been trying to download photos but no luck.I have to upgrade so in progress of doing that. So hopefully soon it’s up and running properly.

The electric toilet is done. And it’s brilliant. Boys pressing buttons and Alice cries, she scared of the noise….poor thing. Scared of the toilet! Sail came back all fixed and put back so things are looking up.

Today we hauled the boat out at Prickly bay marina for 5 days. Mad clearing up this morning at 6 am but we made it.Chris and Simon took her out and I was sad to see her go, standing on the pontoon… but we are in one of the cottages in the resort. Beautiful….space aircon, huuuge bed and just luxury. Could get used to it…..noooo!!! Must remember the boat:)))

James also managed to dropp his scooter in the sea. Bloody hell! Charlie came running and shouting that James scooter is in the sea. WHAT!!! So we all run out and saw it deep down on the bottom, about 4-5 meters down.He had lent it against a big lighthouse ship that’s permanently moored here as a restaurang and of course the boat moves slightly. So not all his fault. So in Chris goes…and all good again in the kingdom of Moody finn:)

So here we are larding it big in luxury and Chris has to do all the hard work of scraping the bottom, the boats not his! Bless him.


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