Leave your kids with strangers…..


So life goes on….we got this information that there is a kids camp on Hog Island. It’s a dingy drive away from Phare bleu marina where we are so we went to check it out. Run by Barry and Toni from South Africa and called edutaiment, education and enterteiment. Great. They do kayaking, swimming, snorkelling and just playing and payment is donations, whatever you feel it’s worth! Well to me it’s worth a lot. I had this vision that me and kids never part for 4 years and here I got the chance to dump them!!!! So that what we did. Left them. On a island with strangers. And happily went back to the boat to get on with things……my mother will faint reading this:)
After awhile I sat back and thought, hang on a minute, second, nanosecond. I JUST LEFT MY KIDS WITH STRANGERS!!!!! Who are they? What have I done and this is crazy. We install in kids ” don’t talk to strangers” let alone leave them….anyway .All good. Got my kids still with me, lucky Grenada is small and everyone looks after each other and all good again in kingdom of Moody Finn :)))

The camp is fab,we have left them there at any possible chance and the boys love it!!!

Last Saturday we were invited to a 50th party. The owner of the marina. Lucky I just payed the very overdue bill and generally we have been behaving ourselves….well you know. If you got kids no invites to any cool parties .Yes kiddie stuff but I mean grown up stuff. Mollys sister Lizelle babysat and off we went.Great party. Food, music and good company and as it was a pool party we all ended up
in the pool, fully clothed and still dancing. FANTASTIC!!!

Now, I know you all probably keep wondering when we are going anywhere? As it is it looks like we are going nowhere for forever. Well, a lot of things need sorting out. Took the mainsail down, no not me but Chris and Simon and it’s rather worn and weak so needs stiching up and patched up to make it safe. Back sometimes next week. Our chartplotter ( the thing that tells you where you’re going, it’s great) was suppose to been fixed and it’s not so have to be sent back to UK. Change the manually pumping toilet to an electric one for the boys head ( toilet) and all the other silly things but hey, it will get done all in good time .Fridge system to update as well, heaven help if my beers are not cold enough!

So no we don’t know when we get a move on…and yes, the liferaft has to go to Antigua to get checked so got to get there as well as some point….don’t really like to as hurricane season and shit could hit the fan, Moody Finn and the rest of the world….you know scary stuff. But whatever…make a plan today and it will change overnight. That is what is so exciting about it all :)))

So hanging around here got us to Grand Anse beach and to a fab food place called Umrellas.On trip advisor. Check it out.There we have met Clarence, Leroy, fatboy, dumb boy or whatever they decided to be called, all good bunch of guys who looks after us as we make a entrance like the adams family.Me shouting like an idiot and kids take no notice as usual. Where Alice half drownes herself in the waves, rolling her up and down and the boys are let loose to just go and explore.Fab stuff!!!

So on that note we are going to La Sagesse beach tomorrow and carnival for the next 4 days in town so sure it will be mad……


    1. Hi there,great you like it:) Updating again,just got to finish it…how are you? all good,hot and still in the marina.Haul out on Monday so we will be moving to a villa for 5 days.Nice!!! Schools back soon so got to get James started as well…..

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