Husband here, chaos!


So finally Chris arrived….a week after mum left! I was getting slightly agitated/angry/panicky at the scale of responsibility I had here on my own but all good again in the kingdom of Moody Finn. Great to have him here but also disturbing to our little routine and just mess everywhere….you, who know Chris knows that things get left out/in the way/ untidy etc so now I’m not only clearing after 3 children but 4…:))) anyway, he’s off to do his paddi diving so out of our way. And before he get’s upset reading all this we love him dearly and he is my soulmate!!!! XXX

We have spent the last 3 days sorting the boat out…basically going through cupboards, throwing away a lot of things but also filling the boat with our crap….yes, the pallet arrived from Uk and OMG we packed…books, puzzles, more books, schoolwork and paint, arts and crafts…..but we have managed to find a space for everything. Got rid of lot of clothes and toys as well, all donated to local childrens home. My wardrope is 2 shelves in a tiny cupboard and still looking if can get rid of more:)

We have now a reagge dancing daughter. She so loves music so every time she hears music her body starts to move…like standing up, bottom moving forwards and back and head bopping up and down….yes, sounds messy and no good look for the future but so very cute! She is happy:)

Still got more to write but got to go to bed, been up since 5 am with Alice and seriously hanging now so good night,



  1. So glad Chris got there finally , I bet Alice looks so cute , when do you guys plan in departing ?? Sending hugs x

  2. Hi Jana , so good to hear messy Chris has finally arrived xxxxx
    It really sounds like so much fun. So sweet the thought if Alice dancing to a little Bob Marley :-)))
    Miss you guys xxxxx

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