Mum gone ,no husband…


5 days ago my darling daughter started to walk.Sooo cute, you know the way they walk bum sticking out and legs wide apart….like John Wayne.She is over the moon just erratically stumbling around with no sence of direction,all legs and no brains:))) Needless to say that my days of being able to sitt and watch her are forever gone.She is fast,very fast…

Got a guy here who is a proffesional scubadiver,not just any Padi laalaa but a proper deep sea/cold sea/whatever sea and depth diver.He took James an a little trial.Showed James how to breath and do things.First james said it feels funny and kept sticking his head up but eventually off they went.Amazing to watch!!! James was in his element.Loved it and didn’t want to come back to shore.Brett said James is a natural and totally cool and relaxed and he would love to teach him to dive.Absolutely!!!!

And finally yet again a blond/stupid/funny moment.
Came back from the pool and as usual mum started to hang the stuff up to dry.I am downstairs changing the wet swimsuit and got as far as getting my pants on….then I heard mum shouting that “your bikini bottoms fell in the sea.” WHAT??? My brand new, expensive tankini bottoms in the sea….needless to say I leapt up half naked and saw them floating happily away and down.Well, I climbed over and dangling mid air not wanting to jump in,nothing else on exept the biggest white pants on, big as sails and security guard walking past I finally let go with a whale splash that half the marina heard, shouting at the same time to James to get a towel and quick to the pontoon.Great.Any way,got my bottoms so all happy in the kingdom of Moody Finn:)))

So tonight my mum left.Back to Finland We were all very sad,I cried, James cried and mood generally on low.The even worse thing is that there is no sign of Chris…so here we are,all alone wondering when he will turn up?

Don’t know!


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