Our days here in Grenada are turning into a pattern….breakfast, pool, lunch, pool and dinner and throw in a beer here and there:) which actually is a bit messy. You see, put the suntan lotion on,lots and many times in a day.Then followed by mozziespray at sundown followed by after suntan lotion in the evening.By that time you are sticky and gooey and then you go to bed…! Shower? Sometimes we have got time for that.

Now the time flies.I seem to run around sorting things out,cooking etc.Do remember I have no dishwasher, micro or washingmachine.So all simple things take time.The flies love it if you leave a plate out for 2 seconds so I spray the boat with poison to kill the bastards and of course the kids are still alive:))) Just.

I also met an old partyfriend back from 2005, Jenni. Great fun, loves a drink and the times we have danced on the tables…bless her, got the use of her car for a week or so and the freedom to be able to drive off and do your own shopping and going to beaches is just bliss.Jenni looks after the homeless dogs here, choppes the balls of the males(no more puppies) rehouses and deworms them.She also has 6-7 dogs at her house and hens and 2 donkeys.Yes the donkeys.Best home ever.They get fed starfruit from her garden, yes starfruit.I mean how much do we pay for that fruit in Uk??? Here the donkeys get to eat it.My mum nearly fainted!

From that I managed to have another blond moment. Left the pushchair on the pontoon with no breaks on.Alice in my arms and of course the wind blew the poxy thing in the sea.I just stood there watching it sinking and then reacted.Threw Alice on the pontoon shouting at James to hold her down and desperately clawed it back.Only afterwards I realise that of course the pontoon is bloody hot from midday sun and Alice was howling because the pontoon was bloody hot:( Hellooo…..she survived.

I’m also pleased to tell you that we are managing to drink a bit more in the evenings then 1 and half beer….we are now having 2 beers and a glass of wineSo that is that.I’m still erratic in writing as I am tired by the time I get to do it but hopefully I make some sense…nothing to do with the wine!!!

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