We are in Grenada


So here we are!!!! Hot, sweaty, irritated, tired and so tired…..No, I’m not moaning it;s just fact of life when you first set your foot on the boat.Can’t find a damn thing, can’t remember how thing’s work and can’t get bags unpacked as don’t know where to put it all…..yes bags.

Idiot here packed happily 5 bags for 4 people and stood there at the check in and argued that I have ONLY 4 bags….this is the story before hand.

Few day’s before we left I run around like a lunatic.Moving crap and junk from one place to another.Kids were palmed out to a friend of ours for saturday and sunday so we could get things done. On the friday night we had a fab leavingparty at the Chorleywood cricket club. Thank you John! Few wines, cakes and music. Rest of the weekend we worked nonstop throwing things away and storing some.The house wasn’t looking any emptier….so finally the night before mum came from Finland and I packed the last few bits.James has a sleepover at his friends house.All sorted.

All happy we got to Gatwick.My friend Fiona drove the other car as we couldn’t all fit in to just ours.And this is where trouble started…checking in wrong number of bags, pay for the extra one, asked if I got paperwork to proof I’m going to a boat….WHAT paperwork????? I have done this journey over period of 10 years and never been asked that.Our flight was in danger going without us.I could have cried….finally they said ok you can go but bla bla bla whatever they said don’t know as we legged it:)))

Flight went super, all kids well behaved and here we are…..

Thankfully our friend Simon is here to help us.He looks after the boat, no silly question is to much and always ready to help.Injuries so far: scraped chin from diving into pool, some funny rash on legs, scraped foot from pool, some insect bites, temperature from jabs for Alice, million of cactus thorns in boys hands as they were stupid enough to pick on it.Me? Just knackered and nursing my tattoo.

Yes, had to go and do it on friday before we left.It’s a pig on my foot.Old sailors tale of not drowning if you have a pig on your foot.So of course I wasn’t leaving without the pig on my foot.Jeez it hurt. And now I’m suppose to avoid sun,sea and pool for 2 weeks……clever…..not!!!

Anyway must go to bed.The days seems to go at superfast speed and I don’t even have time to drink my usual glasses of wine. No, couple of beers will do.But better than nothing:)))

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