A & E

So Chris went down to Southampton to sort the old boat out. I had a phone call to say he is coming home,ok….so he went on: I am in Watford hospital waiting to get my elbow stiched up! Oh, I said…could you repeat that!!!! 9 stiches later and few glasses of wine the story goes….slipped and nearly fell down the hatch. A long bolt ripped the elbow open…lucky. Could have been a lot worse, a lot!!

House progressing but still so much to do. Money gone and tempers rising. On top of all that I blew a tyre on the motorway and got a mystery white scratch all the way down on the car door….I mean what is going on? All against us on the last hurdle?!

Any good news…………………………………..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, well, all still healthy, food in the house for few more meals and, and, and…..

Packing couple of boxes, got rid of kids toys and making million of phone calls. The list is endless. On the happy note all ready for a party on Friday. James getting a bit frazzled and teary, Charlie just knackered and Alice grumpy after 4 jabs last Thursday. 2 nurses, 2 jabs in each leg and a lot of calpol….poor darling:(

On that note, going to bed as I am surviving on 6 h sleep and that’s not good.Better day tomorrow :)))


  1. So why do we do it to ourselves
    You are going through all the same problems and emotions that we went through when we emigrated to NZ.And when we finally got there we thought oh,now what.But that was 10 years ago,and we never looked back.Life couldn’t be better now.

  2. It seems like Mr. Murphy has moved over to your house. Soon you´ll be sailing away and Murphy can train housekeeping somewhere else 😉
    May the force be with you!

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