Toowoomba Jan – March 2021

The house is lovely. Three bedroom (James in his own, never to be seen again) big lounge/ tv room and lovely outdoor patio. No pets so we could come and go as we pleased.

So this is what we were going to do. Still desperate to get the boat down to Brisbane we dropped Chris off to his friend Nick together with Phil, they went back up to Bundaberg to sail her down….

We stayed the night and enjoyed the pool and sunshine and following day we drove back to Toowoomba. A lot cooler than Brisbane.

That weekend we got into loom knitting. Never heard of it until my friend in Sweden mentioned it. What a great thing…went out and bought the kit , the wool and also bought wool for finger knitting. Great way to get creative. And me? I hated knitting in school, never could or wanted to knit a stupid sock and the heel, omg! Never mastered it, but finger knitting, that was fun

Nice with space

Seriously, the whole weekend went knitting.

At that point Chris and Co were at Lady Musgrave. The start of the Great Barrier Reef. Lucky them. They saw turtles laying eggs and having fun. Came to leave for Brisbane, the engine didn’t go past the 1000 refs again. And lot of black smoke from the exhaust. Honestly, what a pile shite. I was so angry!

So on Monday back to Brisbane to get Chris, stayed there again for couple nights and enjoyed Nick and Nicky hospitality. Still fuming at the boat, so angry and disappointed, back in Bundaberg where I didn’t want to spend the next few months…….but at least the guys had caught lots of fish so sashimi was on the menu.

Back in Toowoomba the museum run started. First one was the Cobb and Co. A wide range of history to the old carriages.

Old fashion travel, looks rather uncomfortable
The poo cart…..collecting poo buckets at night time

We also went to an army museum, cool.

We also trawled around charity shops, got a check up at skin doctors to make sure there wasn’t anything bad lurking around, hair cuts, park and the steam museum.

Dreaming of travel, in any form….

On our wedding anniversary on 12.2 we all went to wet n wild. Great day out, not too busy as it was a Friday and of course, the wimp I am I only went on three rides and still managed to scream my head off to everybody’s amusement and kids embarrassment.

We also went to pioneer village. Shows the old houses, and anything else peculiar…

A very simple living
My grandma had one of these….😳

When we were having all this fun, what was Chris doing? He was making a new sun cover and making some metal bits for something on the boat…..?

I had also secured a house sit in Brisbane for a long weekend, right in Brisbane and near the South bank. We looked after Jackson the dog and two cats, Stuart and Kandy.

And South bank, what an amazing place. Big swimming pools and all for free…..

We also took the opportunity to go and see the old Boggo jail. Jail for women until the early 1900 and then a jail for men only. Pretty basic compared to today’s jails….

This was where the lucky one got to empty all the poo buckets and wash them out. The person was lucky as after this job they got to have a shower…
A lot of graffiti, this one is one of the less offensive… PC here…

One of the best things the kids and Chris got to do here was when Dave took them for a flight in his plane….

Thank you Rae and Dave

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