Christmas – 2020

We arrived to the house sit and was warmly welcomed by Glynis and Derek with a proper English roast dinner. The view from the house was breathtaking. We could see the ocean from there.

Harley is a gentle giant and hilarious. When you take him for a walk he will walk as much as he thinks is needed. Then he’ll go on strike. Stop. Not moving. Until you start to go back home. Then he will gallop.

Kira the cat just loved cuddles. She is amazing for her age.

As I’m such a bad mum we have never made gingerbread biscuits. So this time I made the effort and got the kids to make them. They came out great although the decorations took a while to master…..

Our days was spent at the beach with Harley, he loved mucking about with the kids

The boys also had some kitesurfing lessons and Alice had a go at the trainer kite.

On Christmas Eve I rang Finland. Mum and Auntie were all at my cousins house and we got to talk to everybody, including my other cousin who lives in Sweden. It was nice, wishing we could have been there….

Christmas Day started off with a platter of prawns and cold cuts followed by a beef Wellington for dinner. We called few friends up, again so weird to connect with people from a long time ago….

So the days went. Mainly at the beach, lots of tv, New year came in. People thinking it’s going to be a better one with the COVID. How stupid is that? I knew for sure we are going to live with that bloody virus at least three years, if not longer…

Our time in the house was coming to an end. The kids had loved to be able to have their own rooms and the space.

Harley loves his yoghurt.
And this is Harley who didn’t want to go out for a walk😂

Back in Bundaberg for a week and it didn’t stop raining. Miserable time as nothing to do, then school started again with kids protesting it.

What we were looking forward to was another house sit in Toowoomba. Dave and Rae, the sailing couple wanted us to look after their house for couple of months. So boat cleaned up again, 5 h drive down and a whole new city to discover!

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