Vanuatu – New Caledonia Oct. 2019

We left the protected anchorage with Calle ll and it was a bit rough. Had this big, yellow minion, Kevin tied up at the bow and of course we lost him, bloody thing. He was always in my way so we thought that was a great place for him and now as we lost him we all felt so upset. Me most, stupid thing…..

Consoled Alice that he will be finding a new home on the island and some poor child will love him soooo much….

Here’s Kevin on a better dayWe hand steered all night, again but luckily it all calmed down the next day and I could relax.

When we went through the pass in New Caledonia we only had the headsail out and we flew the last of the journey at 10 knots. It was glorious.

The capital Noumea isn’t the best place for anchoring. There isn’t any space so we dropped the hook and Chris went to the marina to see if we could come in. Within minutes I had the marine police on me like a rash to tell me to move. Big cruise ships were coming in all the time….

We got a marina space for one night so in we went. And Calle ll came in few hours after.The next days were spent shopping and fixing stuff. Always something.

Also Halloween, so the kids got to dress up and got some sweets. Nice for them.Few museums and parks….Eventually we were ready to check out and go to a anchorage to wait for a good passage weather for the last hop to Australia. Found this stunning island and stayed for few nights.We then moved onto another anchoring place, not so nice but closer to the pass to get back out sailing again. School and few trips ashore.

Also Cruising Kiwis joined us so we could all buddy boat. Rather nice feeling….On Wednesday 13 we left for Australia, landfall either in Bundaberg or Brisbane. The weather looked good most of the trip so the feeling was super positive and all we wanted was to get it over and done with and reeelllaaaxxx in OZ …..

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