Vanuatu October 2019

Chris and I finally settled in for the remaining of the night, me a bit antsy as I didn’t really know what the anchorage looked like.

Following morning was James’s 13 birthday! Spent by him doing crumpets and checking in. Also Calle ll rocked in and later in the day we celebrated the birthday as well as being safe in Vanuatu.Vanuatu is beautiful and the people are lovely….The following day we organised a tour to the famous volcano. Riding in the back of the car to a very busy attraction with hundreds of people around. It was very well organised and after getting our hard hats we took a seat to watch a local ceremony and dance show.Then with a car further up to walk the rest of the way….it was windy…To get our first glimpse of the beast….the noise….was scary….it jolted through your body and not much of safety precautions either. Chris was holding Alice’s hand. A gust of wind could have easily set her rolling down the hole.

It is majestic, scary amazing and a humble experience. To get so close to a boiling cauldron is definitely one in a lifetime for me….We were up there until it was dark and the display just got better. Soon enough we were on our way back and went out for a meal in the village. Totally shattered. Busy few days…More Vanuatu in the next post….

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