American Samoa July 2019

Well, it was a fine journey with no squalls or other shitty surprises. Although I didn’t relax at all…..constantly checking the horizon and trying to in the night but it was so dark.

We arrived in the night, my pet hate. Can’t see anything properly, just trusting the garment and and navionics. Edging in slowly slowly.

The bay is huge and we saw all the anchored boats, slowly circling around them and dropped the hook at the front of the pack.

American Samoa has a really bad reputation with anchoring, lots of boat s drag and after their tsunami in 2010 the bay is full of stuff, like cars, mattresses, cost and things. So you don’t really know whether the anchor is on the bottom or sitting on a mattress.

In the morning we woke up to noisy generators and a awful stink from the tuna factory, oh yak.

We saw all the gang from French Polynesia,

Panacea, Calle ll, Caramba and Polarwind.

Moved over to the customs dock and they were a little bit taken back about the amount of wine we had onboard….lucky we didn’t get charged duty on it as I found out that will happen in Fiji.

Back on anchoring and this time we put 2 anchors out in line to be super sure that we don’t drag.

Kids doing a ballet show.

All the kids went by bus to the cinema, wow, what a treat. Movies in English. Couple of mums went with them and we could tidy up and relax. Although the tuna stink was bloody awful….

Following day we had sundowners on Polarwind, a German Chilean family we met back in Easter island. We had such a laugh, kids playing nicely and Alice ended with a sleep over there.

Then came the shopping day to Costco. Haven’t had that since Puerto Rico. We went a bit mad on cheese, ham and dried fruits. Also had to buy the poo emojis….

Sundowners on Panacea, the Finnish family and a sleepover for Aarre, their oldest on our boat.

We had couple of days where Charlie and James didn’t feel to good and I had a really crampy stomach.

Had haircuts and the boys were left at the cinema to get themselves home on their own. Very safe place and the bus costs 25 us cent. Fantastic!

Last day in American Samoa and Alice was playing wit Kerttu and Martta all day. We prepped the boat for an overnighter to Samoa, short hop, what could go wrong?

All in all a nice place, didn’t take many photos. Didn’t really see the place

Around 4 pm we started to lift the anchor. A bit worried what we will find but all was good, for once. And then we were on our merry way.

And as always, we say, see you down the line…..

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