Lima nov.2018

Went to La Punta t see the boat. Couldn’t get there as the guy who was looking after the boat wasn’t there. Oh well.

Brian went back next day as we had to do a serious catch up on school.

And when he came back he was livid.

The guy was suppose to put up all the bird scaring stuff, ie plastic bags to scare them and a black sun cover over the boom. He had done nothing. We had paid him upfront and he was then asking for more money which we thought we give him when back. The fact that the sun cover wasn’t put up means he had done nada all the time we been away and the boat was in a awful mess! And that’s an understatement.We all went back next day and didn’t know where to start. Awful to see our swan covered in all this shit. I was so angry!

It took us 3 days to clean her to a liveable standard. Back and forth between La Punta and Miraflores, with Uber, costing a small fortune. Each journey lasting around half on hour to an hour.

By the end we were so tired and now I came down with fever.

We also started to move stuff from the flat back to the boat. Stayed few nights here and there on the boat and it felt good to be there.

School was done 6 days a week. I must say the kids took it well, to catch up but also gain some hours in ready for the Amazon trip.

Booked mums ticket to come over for Christmas and googled in on the Amazon trip.

Now, I’m fussy where we stay. We don’t want all singing and dancing experience with everything on hand and aircon. No, it had to be rustic, eco friendly and as far away from other tourist. It was hard. Nothing quite right. I ended up looking into Ecuador but finally I found what I felt was right. Muyuna lodge, 3h from Iquitos. And certainly not cheap but this trip again was a once in a lifetime trip, at least for chris and I.

We also cleared the flat out, cleaned and polished and it was sparkling when we left. Thank you again Tony for that!

So back on the boat for couple of days before we were to leave again.

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