Arequipa-Huacachina-Lima Oct.2018

Arequipa is the second biggest city in Peru. Beautiful architecture and hot climate.

We arrived early to our hotel and went promptly to bed.

Later we took a look around and as it also was James’s birthday we went to Burger King and after to a bakery for some cake.

Happy birthday, James 12 yearsThe next day we went to see the world famous Mummy Juanita. A tragic story of a Inca girl….

She was found on top of a dormant volcano not far from Arequipa. The next volcano had erupted and spewed hot ash around which melted the snow and her body became uncovered.

She was an Inca girl between 12-15 years of age that was selected to be sacrificed to gods. From her well preserved hair the scientist found out that she was selected about a year before her death. Her diet changed from potatoes and vegetables to more protein rich which was upper class food.

She then walked from Cusco, a trip that took months to be then drugged and clubbed around her head. This was between 1450-1480.

We were not aloud to take any photos so these are from Internet.Now she looks like this, kept permanently at -22c and 4 months of a year they keep her locked away in a dark room. So we were lucky to see her although I felt she should have been reburied….And after a bit more walking aboutthe next day we left with another night us to Ica. This time careful to select Cruz del sur. Best seats and thick duvets. Ready for 11h on the road.

I could feel we were all getting tired of moving and sightseeing….

But this next part should be super fun. Huacachina, a desert oasis, the only one in South America.The hotel had a pool, freezing cold…And then we went for the sand dune bugging and sand boarding.

It was such fun and a good laugh. Even I did it and I don’t do heights…..We have missed the sand….

And the journey from hellSand boarding, fab Following day the kids and I were feeling energetic. Yes, let’s climb the big sand dune…

Well, bloody hard work….Charlie was the only one who managed to do it, we moaned, laughed and tried and finally Alice went on strike. And just started walking back down. Had to follow…..phew!

We also visited Tacama vineyard to the kids hoots of protest…On the way there we saw an awfully sad and horrific sight. Rubbish. Rubbish and more rubbish just dumped… when the dry river bed fills again with water, guess where all that rubbish will end up……in the sea. I felt so disappointed.Finally we came to on end on this rather amazing month. What we had seen in all these places has been truly amazing. The culture, the poverty, the richness of Peruvian food, the people, museums, what we learnt…..

Asked the kids what was best.

James says the cable cars in La Paz, Charlie liked Lake Titicaca and Alice liked Cusco with the Airbnb with no roof….and for me….?

Cusco as a city, mummy Juanita and La Paz. Chris not with me so can’t ask.

Final bus journey to Lima, a 4h trip and back we were in the flat. Done.

Lucky we didn’t know what was waiting for us with the boat in La Punta….

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