Cusco- Puno- lake Titicaca Oct.-2018

We were leaving on a night bus to Puno with Peru hop. Run by couple ex backpackers and it’s made really simple to use.

On the day we popped in to Cusco one last time. Alice was looking a bit funny and surprise surprise she said she is going to puke in the taxi….

” No you won’t, think ice!” I said

Came to the main square and sat down….and then she puked….jeez….

Feeling like the whole world was watching I tried to flush the puke with water and we decided to go back and chill. My thoughts were to cancel but loose money on hotel in Puno and the lake. Luckily she slept and watched Netflix so on the mend whatever that was.

Last showers before we left and Charlie being the last person the water stopped. Standing there all soaped up I just laughed. We had enough water in a big bottle to rinse him off, cold of course and the poor boy was shaking.

Finally we left and headed for the bus terminal. All good, seats together and straight to bed.

6h later we were there, around 5 am. Stumbling out of the bus to be transferred to a smaller one to take you to your hotel.

Arrived and sorted our smaller backpacks ready for our overnight on the Almanti island. Grabbed breakfast and off we went to the harbour. We were tired…but very excited!

Peru owns 60% of the lake and Bolivia the rest. It’s the highest lake in the world but only fifth biggest. It’s cold.

Arriving to the reed island called Uros we got off with other people and sat around listening to the guide telling us about it. These reed islands are not the original ones as the lake dried up some 50 years ago.

Then we got to taste what they have for breakfast……chewing reed. Didn’t taste of anything but I wondered how clean the lake is…..could be poo lurking around..!Then they showed us how it was built….And we got to see inside the huts as wellIt all feels squidgy when you walk aroundThey had beautiful coloured clothing. And very used to have tourist coming around although they rotate each week so everybody gets a chance to sell their handicrafts. Too touristy for my liking but I was holding up for the next stop. Almanti island.

We arrived there couple of hours later and got to meet our host family. He walked us higher up and Chris and I thought we are going to die as the air was so thin. Finally we arrived to the house with a beautiful view, 2 rooms and outside toilet.We were then showed around the island. With a guide. I wished I would have known how to do it myself, now I was hearded again….with everybody else….beautiful people

Then there was this walk even higher up to see some sacred sites but we decided to sit and wait. I don’t think we could have done it but hey, here comes a horse. Excellent, pay the guy and take Lice and Charlie for a little Trott. Trott they did….they went, he came back minus the kids….WTF! Where’s the kids? With a help of a French girl who translated he said he took them up and left them there…..Jesus!

It was cold, Alice had a thin long sleeve on….she would freeze to death.

Nothing else to do but wait. People started to come down, we asked if anybody had seen the kids, nobody had….

Now I got worried. Not that I thought they would be kidnapped but it was getting dark and sure they would be freezing.

I started to walk up, panting and nearly dying, taking frequent breaks I finally saw some little ones coming down. Two backpacker girls had looked after them, giving Alice a spare t shirt and their hats and gloves. They were fine. I was so happy to have them back, jackets on and back to the house…At the house we had a simple dinner and as we had told them it was Chris’s birthday they had made couple of pancakes. Very humble people, we had nice conversation with them in our rubbish Spanish.

Then we got ready to go to the village hall for some music and dancing. They insisted for us to put on traditional clothing which I first refused but no chance. When I finally had all the layers on it was so comfy and warm. No good pictures of me with the clothing but the others yes.

James was shattered and decided to stay home, and he was asleep at 8 pm when we left.We had fun. The host family had made Chris a flower necklace and in the end the band played happy birthday.

We left just before it was finished and got home in a nick of the time as heavens opened and it absolutely heaved it down. And then, to my horror…….it turned to snow!The next day it was breakfast and back to the boat. We were sad to leave this beautiful island and its very humble and kind people. They invited the kids to come back….I gathered they thought we die soon so no point.😀

The last island we went to is called Taquile. Known for the men to do the handicrafts.

We had a walk around and lunch. The guide was telling us few bits of their traditions and it’s all with the woolly hat. If you are single, you use this hat, spoken for , another hat, engaged or married the hat is yet different but ear flaps up….

The children the same, a hat for girls and another for boys. It’s very interesting. Their traditional clothing is from the Spanish days. They look like clothing from the 1500, white shirts with wide sleeves and black trousers.The local kids selling their handicrafts.

And then it was time to leave. Back to Puno and now Chris was feeling rubbish. Fever. And the hostel was yet a bit shitty but that’s what you get when you pay not a lot.

The next day Alice had sky high fever so stayed in whole day. Shame, didn’t see much of Puno but such is life. Did a bit of school and abused the internet. The next step was Bolivia hop to La Paz, Bolivia. Similar arrangement as Peru hop and we chose it because we read some horror stories about the border crossing. With Bolivia hop it was all done. And somebody who looked after you…..not really my cup of tea but……

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