Cusco Oct-2018

We had a taxi organised for the day and started bright and early for our 3h drive to Chawaytire. A small village known for they beautiful handicrafts. Didn’t think more about clothing so we were all in shorts and t shirts, luckily we had a jackets.

The road got narrower and narrower the higher we went. Everywhere we looked there was evidence of Inca farming. Looks like terraced steps.

And it got a bit hairy for my liking….

Finally we arrived. Nobody to be seen except some sheep, and some more. They took the kids for a little run….Finally we got to admire the handiwork. Beautiful ponchos, hats, handbags and tablecloths.

And of course the picture with the clothing on. It was so warm under the poncho.

At this moment I had such a splitting headache I couldn’t even talk, let alone negotiate prices. I felt awful….And the baby alpaca, what a cutiethis little boy was so serious although he did lighten up later

On the way down we stopped at Pisaq. And had cuy for lunch. Guinea pig as we now it. It was the second time….The last of the tour was to Saqsawayman, or as westerners and tourist say, sexy woman.

Another Inca ruins, with big areas for worship. Here they use to slaughter the sacrificial llama at summer solstice. A black one as that was the colour of innocence until the missionaries came and changed it all around… And a bit of fun….What a day…….


  1. What a great adventure. That slide looked amazing. Good for you living your lives to the full. I wish I was as brave. Love to all xxx

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