Summer in Uk

Our Finland summer will be done when I have time to clear this iPad up and transfer photos from the laptop.

I realised I’m running out of time and now will have to get everything done in a couple of weeks….

So after a fun filled nearly 5 weeks in Finland we came back to Heathrow and Chris picked us up. A dreary, grey and rainy day, I was wondering what the tent will be like….

Chris had been camping around Paula and Chris’s in a proper bed, eating well and drinking Prosecco…… the tent……?

Drove up to North Hill farm and went a different way. Hmmmmm.

And what a surprise! We were sleeping in the owl house. Courtesy to Paula and Chris.

The owl house is made of wood, a fun house with a slide, a hot tub, sauna and bbq area. In the woods. Just brilliant. Chris had bbq on, food ready and wine chilled. Wow.

Sorry these photos are so rubbish…

three beds in this roomthe tubthe slide

You can imagine the kids…..and us…..

The next day we just didn’t want to leave. Had a look in to the tent, soggy and wet on one side. Still grey and rainy…..what do we do now?

Ended up staying around Paula’s for few nights, desperately trying to figure out what to do now. And out of the blue, an old friend to my Chris and Chris had an empty house in Chorleywood, waiting to be refurbished. Empty but it was a house.! What a luck.

Dragged our stuff in there, camping on the floor, with our gas cooker, borrowed fridge and even got our tv out of the garage. Hot running water, nice garden but most importantly, a walking distance every where, particular to Paula’s for some Prosecco. Happy days indeed.

We had James’s best friend Toby with us for few night. Few more bbq around friends and ordering a whole lot of stuff to take with us.Boys and Toby washing up council style at the farm. One washing, two supporting.Took Alice to see swan lake in London by a Russian group.

Went to Tower of London. In the pictures traitors gate, that was one way ticket in to the tower.

And the row of houses where Ann Boylen, second wife of King Henry viii was kept before she was beheaded. I love the place.

Regent’s Park, another favourite place to hang out….

And then it was time to leave. We had 11 bags to take with us….Felt very sad to leave. Although I knew I couldn’t or wouldn’t stay……

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