Summer in U.K

We arrived at Gatwick airport after a good flight and headed straight to our friends Amanda and Clive. They are brave to put up with us as a family of 5 rolling in to ones place and space is not easy…..

The first and most important thing for me was to go to a my lovely hairdresser, Kirsty. After few disaster haircuts, one particular bad one in Cuba I’m very fussy where I go to. Usually I haven’t got a lot of choice as I do need to cut it at least twice a year and highlights, wouldn’t dare to go anywhere in South America for that, no offence, it’s just that my fine blondish Nordic hair is so different…..

Kirsty did a great job, great cut and lovely highlights. Now I was ready to party!

Before we left Peru we were in contact with James’s old school in Chorleywood. Not with his class but a year below. The class sent us lots of questions about our life on a boat and really enjoyed working through it.

So on the first week we went in and had a talk to the class. I don’t like talking in public, nor being in a centre of attention so I was nervous…..lucky year 5 class was very friendly and approachable. The noise was defeating as we are not used to big classes in one point Charlie was desperate to leave…..wonder what will happen done day if he has to go to a proper school….?

We moved into our old house for about a week between tenants. Fantastic to have an empty house, lots of space, mattresses on the floor and a tv. We had to paint few rooms, tidy up the garden and the kids had to paint the shed outside. They did a good job! Phew!

Our house from 1500

We met up with friends, had few bbq and popped into our pub. Strange feeling not to have been home for so long but things were the same…..

Some sad news came through as well. One of the mums from the school had died, age 42, left behind 2 kids….I couldn’t believe it! To young, to beautiful and although I hadn’t seen her for 3 years it still hurt. She was one of those happy people, always smiling, always nice…..

The second weekend we went to see Chris’s parents old friend, Marjorie. We call her second grandma, super-fit 80 something old and also got to see the air tattoo show.

All kinds of planes, new sleek military planes, older ones, red arrows….military personnel from all around the world was there. Hot sunny day, lots of people and lots of noise….We also saw one of the helicopters that was on duty in Afghanistan, read a book about it. Harrowing story….After the weekend it was back to Chorleywood and camping up the North hill farm. Fantastic place.

Up goes the borrowed tent, thank you Kathy and Chris and the few belongings that we have…( we do live a simple life) and lucky this was the hot magical summer!Second grandma Majorie, you don’t mess with her!

James’s best friend from his school days Calum and his family moved abroad as well at the same time as we left. We last saw them 3 years ago and can you believe that we had a chance to see them this year! For one day! Happy days!

We also met Simon Clay who now lives in Grenada and is a godparent to all the children. With his super fit girlfriendSo the three weeks rolled on with few more bbq and seeing friends, thank you all for the invites.

Then it was time for the kids and I to travel onwards to Finland. Flights booked, hotel for the night and train up to my small hometown called Kokkola.

Lucky the hot summer continued…..

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