The messy state on the boat goes on…..

Cans on the table and an empty cupboard
Got a leak, don’t know from where…..and last night it absolutely tipped it down. My bowl in the cupboard of course was full this morning and water everywhere. So out the cans come again….piled on the table as nowhere else to put them!
The saloon floor covered in toys
The saloon floor, not too bad but no space to get past….
Alice's room covered in toys!
Alice’s room….again no way past unless you fancy doing some funky hopping….
The boys room - bed covered in toy guns
And the boys room….we must carry enough guns to win any pirate attack or the Third World War ….guess changing the sheets gets done manjana…..

So there, we are flushed with water, got electricity and wifi….amazing how life can change in a week…..we were lucky!

Hubby working hard on painting and measuring the boat.

Tonight the sky is fabulous, millions of stars….wish I could take a decent pic…..cheers!✨✨✨

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