It has certainly been a different week. We did know that there was a tropical storm just north of us in Panama but then it became a hurricane…..a bit low for a hurricane!
The rain started last Sunday, lost internet and power. On Monday it blew the rain sideways. We sat tight inside and listen to the vhf radio where other cruisers were communicating about who is dragging their anchor, some boats wanted to come in to the Marina and so on. We even took a walk on the pontoon, kids in life jackets and me holding Alice hand as she would probably blow off the pontoon…..

No school got done and as the evening came the wind was blowing around 50 knots but much higher in anchor.

That night I didn’t sleep. I was laying in bed with my eyes WIDE open as the boat vibrated and shook with every gust of wind…I was worried that the boat may fall over…..or the neighbours…..

Luckily on Tuesday the wind died a bit but the rain carried on. We had wet clothes everywhere , nothing was drying. All hatches and door closed created a lot of condensation so water dripping from ceiling and wood panels. Found out that we have a leak from the deck so 3 cupboards had to be emptied, books soaking and destroyed.
About5 boats dragged here in Isla Linton and around 20 boats in portobello…..

We had to borrow a generator as batteries running low. Got internet back on Friday night and electricity came back yesterday, Saturday.

No running water until Saturday as well, collected some for the tank for cooking and every bit of rain is saved. Haven’t had a nice warm shower for a week…..

Hand gels and blue plastic bags
Hand gels are useful and the blue plastic bags are brilliant for any puking in busses!

These hand gels were given to us in Calgary . Could not have done with out them as when no access to water, hand gels are rather handy.

The blue plastic bags are brilliant for any puking in busses, they are actually dog poop bags…..bought in Canada……

The boat is still a tip….
The boat is still a tip….

So life is getting back to normal, we are a week behind with the boat work, kids tempers are short, it’s getting boring and the boat is still a tip….

Willing the next few days to be dry……

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