And the journey goes on…..


So the following morning we got up and had actually a very good breakfast. Downside was that our flight wasn’t until 5 pm….and we were in the middle of motorways so nowhere to go….boring! So after tv and faffing around we went to the airport. And had an McDonald’s… you do.
The flight to Bogota went without any problems and all we had to do was to find a cheap hotel near the airport. No worries, they punt hotels at the arrivals, took a while to get our bags so by the time we were in the taxi Alice and Charlie were asleep. The hotel was basic but 3 double beds in the room, fab!

The following morning we went back and had to sort out our lost flights with avianca. All we had to do was pay $25 per person and we had our flight sorted. If it would have been so easy…

Of course we found this little wine bar and sat down and had few glasses. Alice sleeping and boys on iPad. Happy days? Yes until Alice woke up crying and itching all on her front. This weird rash appeared from nowhere and spread around her body in front of our eyes….what the heck???? So stood there and a doctor walked by and stopped and said you better go to the airport hospital….oh here we go again….so ambulance picked us up, the wheelchair, pushchair but only two cabin bags:)))

So off we went and they gave her some anti something and the rash disappear. Just like that. Ok, let’s go, we can still get this flight to Santa Marta…..we made it! Our friend Stewart picked us up, the heat knocked us down and to the marina we went. The first thing Charlie did was to limp out and drag his plastered leg to his beloved rocks and just sat there looking at the sea…he was home and I just choked up…still do when I think about that moment….

So nice to be back? Yes it was. The feeling lasted about 10 min until I saw what a mess the boat was in….dirty, dusty on the outside but luckily fine inside. What a job to get her clean again. Went out for something to eat and Alice fell asleep in her pushchair and the boys in the wheelchair….I think this wheelchair could be useful:)))

So here we are back in Santa Marta and a whole new chapter in our lives is about to open up for us. We will stay here for awhile as Chris got a possible job opportunity but that’s for next time:)


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