Trying to catch up…..


Trying to get my lazy backside to gear and carry on the writing…just been a bit busy here on my own as Chris in Florida…another story!

So our journey from London to Detroit after I moved our bloody cabin bags and kids out of the way was Chris got back with us in time but boy did we have to leg it for the flight…onboard we got and happy days until landing in Detroit. We had to go through passport control again and needless to say with 2 h we didn’t make it. I was fuming standing in that line with nobody to collar and shout at, kids playing up and no water to drink. Moody bloody finn alright!!! So there we were and flight gone…so get the next one, great no prob so off we went to the gate to then be told we don’t have an ESTA.” Yes we do, look in your computer.” “We can’t see it” “not my problem” we do have it otherwise we wouldn’t be standing here…so eventually we got onboard but they were about to see a seriously angry moody finn. So off we went and flew to Atlanta and of course no more flights to Bogota. We were all tired and Delta trying to wash their hands off their responsibility but we managed to get them to pay for the hotel that night. Not a great one but fine…and then you get selfish single/couples jumping at the check in even if they can CLEARLY see 3 children and broken leg etc. So I stood there watching and every single one just went pass and tried not to look to guilty as they got their key…so our turn. No rooms left…what exactly do you mean “no rooms left?” I did ask with very CONTROLLED voice about to murder somebody…well, no rooms left! I just stood there looking at the women NOT understanding what she was saying. Eventually she rang another dump across the road and phoned the buss driver back to get us to finally get a room with 2 double beds. Interesting….me and Alice in one, sideways so I could pinn her to the side and Chris and the boys in the other, sideways, no luggage, no wash stuff, no fresh clothes but a good night sleep….


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  1. Thinking of coming to see you in May or the summer. Let me know where you may be. It’s half term here dull and wet, ready for spring. Love to you all, got to go Alfie has just got out of bed. Xxx

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