From Cuba with love


So our days in Havana carried on….we used the pool almost every day, the boys scooted around the marina and of course we had to carry on with school. Oh yes, some days was just plain hard work…
But we had some fab times as well. The next time we went to Havana we took the hotel bus for free…yes it was free for the guests but as we tipped the driver there is no questions asked. Went to see El Morro fort, yes , same name as in San Juan, Spanish, no imagination!! Took a horse and cart drive and got back home with one of those big American taxicabs. We learnt about the people, the mentality, the generosity and about the culture. Our Spanish improved and we loved the country. We loved walking around not seeing one McDonald or burger king or any other rubbish joint but normal local food places. Our Fridays was spent at club nautico and afternoons at the bowling Hall and playground. Everybody thought the boys were nuts with they climbing and scooting and Alice grew up to use the potty and got her first knickers to use….so many memories and missing the place terribly.

So then my cousin arrived from Finland. Jani, 29 years old. Been sailing with us before but then we only had James, now…..well, I did warned him!
But he is great….very relaxed and always happy. He brought with him my favourite cheese from Finland and angry bird games and pyjamas for the boys, colouring books for Alice and charts for Colombia for Chris. As we waited for the new auto helm bit we prepared the boat for the next journey. We also met this boat called belly dancer from Belgium with this family on board and their 12 year old called Wajo. He is amazing, so intelligent and friendly and worldly. He took the boys to pool and came bowling with us. They have now gone back to Belgium as Wajo wants to go to school but we are in contact. Will be interesting to see what he will do with his life!

The auto helm part couldn’t be shipped to Cuba so we decided to ship it to Mexico. So that meant we have to helm the boat manually for couple of days. So eventually the day came to say goodbye to Cuba. Very sad….as we left the marina Ceasar the rubbish collector ran along the pontoon waiving and calling for us to come back one day….I cried.
So out we went between the reefs and feeling the Atlantic under us again. Nice and easy down wind sail but worrying about crossing the Yucatan channel. The channel is between Cuba and Mexico and the current is very strong there. Not fun as the current is going north and we were going southwest…

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